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Image/ Map rectification and database generation
  1. Rectification
  2. Map Composition
  3. Re-Projection/ Transformation

  1. Vector file generation using manual and automatic methods (e.g., Shape files)
  2. Preparing and Managing Attribute Table (DBMS)
  3. Thematic Map preparation

  1. 3D Modelling using Stereo Images

Classification/ Thematic map generation
  1. Image Classification (Supervised & Unsupervised)
  2. Hybrid Classification
  3. Image classification using Machine Leaning approaches
  4. Microwave data processing
    1. Image classification
  5. Hyperspectral data processing
    1. Classification
    2. Spectral signature

Terrain Analysis
  1. Contour, Aspects, Slope, TIN, DEM Generation
  2. Isopleth Generation
  3. 3D Modelling using DEM

Geo-statistical analysis/ Interpolation
  1. Various regression analysis
  2. Interpolation (Linear/ Non-linear/ IDW/ Kriging)
  3. Overlay analysis
Applications/ topic-oriented deliverables
  1. Transportation Modelling
  2. Hyper data & Multiple data Correction
  3. Watershed and River network analysis
  4. Hydrological modelling for Runoff estimation, ET, baseflow using SWAT
  5. River shifting analysis
  6. Ground water modelling
  7. Soil loss estimation
  8. Water spread monitoring
  9. Flood area mapping and height estimation
  10. Shoreline change mapping and modelling
  11. Forest Type mapping
  12. Forest productivity and Biomass estimation
  13. Species Distribution Modelling
  14. Rubber plantation mapping
  15. Shifting cultivation mapping
  16. Multi-temporal LULC mapping and change detection
  17. LULC modelling using Dyna-CLUE
  18. Crop type mapping and productivity estimation
  19. Crop intensity mapping
  20. Soil Moisture estimation
  21. Hotspot analysis
  22. Fragmentation analysis
  23. Land subsidence and landslide vulnerable zone mapping
  24. Online portal development for geospatial database generation and maintenance
  25. Mineral mapping
  26. Site suitability mapping
  27. R or GEE codes for automatization

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