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Introduction to ELSHAYAL and GMS software for groundwater simulations in a three-dimensional environment.


Introduction to ELSHAYAL and GMS software


GMS: - The Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) is a comprehensive graphical user environment for performing groundwater simulations. The entire GMS system consists of a graphical user interface (the GMS program) and a number of analysis codes (MODFLOW, MT3DMS, etc.). The GMS interface is developed by Aquaveo, LLC in Provo, Utah.

GMS was designed as a comprehensive modeling environment. Several types of models are supported and facilities are provided to share information between different models and data types. Tools are provided for site characterization, model conceptualization, mesh and grid generation, geostatistics, and post-processing.

GMS is developed by Aquaveo, an engineering services company with many years of experience developing groundwater modelling solutions.

       Step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos

       Online community forum and product documentation

       Phone and email technical support

       Regularly scheduled training courses taught by expert modellers

       On-site training available

       Professional consulting services


GMS is the most advanced software system available for performing groundwater simulations in a three-dimensional environment.

       Interact with models in true 3D

       Optimized OpenGL graphics for improved hardware rendering

       Create photo-realistic renderings

       Generate animations for PowerPoint or web presentations

       Drape images over the model and control the opacity

       Annotations – Add north arrows, scale bars, reference images, company logos, and more


Import a variety of data formats & imagery

Models require data from many different sources. That’s why GMS is built to easily import numerous file types:

       Raster images including georeference and projection support

       Topographical maps & elevation data

       Borehole data including stratigraphy and geophysical data

       Native MODFLOW files

       MODFLOW files from Visual MODFLOW, Groundwater Vistas and PM Win

       Web data services such as TerraServer

       ArcGIS geodatabases and shape files

       CAD files including .dwg, .dgn, and .dxf formats

       Worldwide projection support including Cartesian and Geographic Systems

       File Import wizard for delimited text files and spread sheets


Advanced subsurface characterization

From cross-section editing to advanced probability statistics, GMS offers unparalleled subsurface modelling tools.

       Generate iso-surfaces from 3D data to visualize plumes

       Cut cross-sections anywhere through 3D data

       2D & 3D geostatistics – Kriging, IDW and Natural Neighbour

       Robust and fast algorithms to create solids from horizons


GMS 10.2 System Requirements:-

       Operating System: Windows® XP*, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.

       RAM: 1 GB (8GB or more recommended)

       CPU: GMS software is CPU intensive. Some models and utilities integrated with GMS can take advantage of multiple processor cores simultaneously.

       Graphics Card: For all display features to be enabled, OpenGL 1.5 or higher must be supported. The use of a dedicated graphics card is strongly recommended. Integrated graphics can result in significantly reduced performance and may not support some visualization features.

       Display Resolution: 1024 x 768 or greater.

Elshayal: - Elshayal Smart GIS is the First Arabian Egyptian GIS and GPS Software that is completely developed by Arab Egypt GIS programmers named as...

       Mohamed Elsayed Elshayal

       Salsabeel Mohamed Elshayal & 

       Yaseen Mohamed Elshayal

 Independent of any commercial software package. It is not funded by any organization.

It consists of:-

  1. Map Editor and analysis for desktop,
  2. Map Server for web,
  3. Mobile GPS Tracking and Data Collector for mobile
  4. Download Rectified Google Earth,
  5. Open Source to Convert GIS Shape Files to HTML Google Map Web GIS and Mobile App.


       Trace & save GPS route and,

       View and Rectify Raster Images gif, jpg, bmp and

       Edit shape files, build new layer, add existing layer, remove layers, swap layers, save layer, set layer data source, layer properties, zoom in & zoom out, pan, identify, selecting features, invert selection, show data table, data query builder, location query builder, build network, find shortest path, print map, save map image, copy map image to clipboard, save project map.

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