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How to get high-resolution images in LandViewer

How to get high-resolution images in LandViewer

Landviewer is a opensource as well as commercial DATA archive of number of known sensors from here you can easily get the best data for your research. bellow step wise direction are given how to assess data from LandViewer.   

1. Add your area of interest (AOI) on the map.


2. Choose the “High-resolution” option in “Filters”


Unrivaled pros of getting high-resolution data from LandViewer:

1. «Full AOI coverage» is a 100% use case coverage option

2. Free Preview and image samples in.TIFF format to check the quality of the image prior to purchase

3. The price is based on the intersection between the selected image and your AOI

4. Delivery within 3 business days

5. Ability to process your high-resolution images in a browser as they are delivered directly to your EOS Platform account so that you don’t need to use FTP and download the images for further analytics
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